Registration Information


  1. Register for the player's actual age group.
    *** For the 2017-2018 season, ALL NEW PLAYERS will need to provide proof
    of age*** Please mail a copy of the player's birth certificate or contact
    the registrar at to make arrangements to show it to
    the registrar in person.
    Examples for the 2017-2018 Season:
    Birth Year Calculation Age Group
    2000 2018 - 2000 U-18
    2007 2018 - 2007 U-11
  2. Do not change the player's birthdate to register for a different age group. If you wish to play in a different age group, note this in the "Desired team" area.
  3. Register by May 31st to receive a $10 early registration discount!
  4. Please send in a copy of the player's birth certificate.
    *Note that ALL* players must provide proof of age this year.
  5. Registration will not be complete until payment is received and proof of age has been recorded.


How Do I Register to Play Soccer?

Registration is open from April 1st through June 30th. After June 30th registrations are only taken if there is an open roster position.

*** For the 2016-2017 season, ALL PLAYERS will need to provide proof of age. ***

Our mailing address is 555 Contra Costa Ave., Fircrest, WA 98466.
There will also be a few in-person registration days where you can bring in proof of age and show it to the registrar. We do not need to keep a copy of it.

How Much Does It Cost?


U05 - U06 $50 $60

Register by May 31st to receive a $10 early registration discount

U07 - U10 $90 $100
U11 - U12 $100 $110
U13 - U18 $110 $120

Your registration fee covers:

  • Soccer ball and jersey.
  • Practice equipment for coaches (cones, pinnies, ball bag).
  • Fircrest field usage.
  • Pierce County Soccer Association and SSUL league fees, including insurance.
  • Referees for Fircrest home games.
  • Coaching education.
  • Club administration fees.

Your registration fee does not cover:

  • Soccer shorts, socks, shin pads or shoes/cleats
  • Trophies
  • Optional tournament fees


If the Fircrest Soccer Club is unable to place a player on a team, a full refund will be given.

If a player chooses to withdraw for another reason, a refund will be provided, less a $10 processing fee.

What Does U-11 (etc.) Mean?

U-11 stands for "Under 11". All the players on a U-11 team are 10 years old or younger on December 31st. A player whose 11th birthday is on or before December 31st must play on a U-12 or older team. The other age groups from U-6 to U-19 all work the same way and use December 31st as the cut-off date.

Recreational or Select?

RECREATIONAL TEAMS: A Rec team may not use tryouts, recruiting, or any kind of selection process to choose players. Rec teams may not cut players, and all players must play a minimum of one-half of every soccer match. Rec teams U-12 and above have 18 roster positions.

SELECT TEAMS: A Select team is any team that uses tryouts, recruiting, or any kind of selection process to choose players. Coaches have the authority to cut players. Players are not guaranteed a minimum amount of playing time. Select teams U-12 and above may carry as many players as they wish not exceeding 18 roster positions.

FSC sponsors Rec teams only. See the list on our Team Directory page.

Online Registration
Registration Timeline
APR 1 Registration Opens
May 31 Priority Registration Ends
JUN 30 Registration Ends
Registrations continue to be accepted if space is available
JUL 31 Teams Finalized
SEPT Games begin