Referees - Game Assignments

When games are assigned, several rules apply:

  • Referees can not work a game where a relative is a player on one of the teams
  • Center referees must be at least 2 years older than the players on both teams.
  • AR's must be at least 1 year older than the players on both teams.
  • Assignors have the discretion to make exception to these rules based on the skill of the referee and the competitive level of the match.

Before the Game

Although the Laws of the Game are defined by FIFA and US Soccer, state and local organizations can make modifications to the rules. As a result, before a game begins, referees have an obligation to understand the rules that will apply to the specific game they are working.

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After the game

After completion of a game, referees are required to submit the following to
the club assignor.

1) Match report - Summary of game results & misconduct. Also include any issues with coaches, parents, fields or equipment.

2) Misconduct report - Used for disciplinary hearings for cautionable (yellow card) & send-off offenses (red card)

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