Want to be a Referee?

1. Obtain a referee license by attending a clinic and completing the licensing exam. Clinics cost approximately $50.

2. Register with the USSF (US Soccer Federation). Applications are available at the referee clinic once you pass the exam. Annual cost to register is $50.

3. Obtain a RMA (Risk Management Assessment) card. This involves a background check by the Washington State Patrol and is required by the WSYSA to ensure the safety of all players. Applying for an RMA card can be done on-line. When registering, indicate that you are a referee and that you are associated with the Pierce County Soccer Referee Association.

4. Obtain referee equipment - uniform, flags, notebook, whistle, etc. Prices for kits are $40-$70. Please contact the club assignor if you need recommendations.

5. Contact the FSC registrar to request assignments for U7-U10 games, and register with Pierce County Soccer Referee Association (PSCRA) for older games. Go to pcsra.org, select the logon screen and then the registration link.

Licensing Clinics

The Grade 8 license requires you to complete 17 online modules covering the laws of the game, followed by a 10-12 hour, 2-day clinic with a 100 question test and a field practicum. This clinic is known as the Entry Level Clinic (ELC).

All clinics are taught by licensed instructors from PCSRA. For a list of scheduled clinics in Pierce County, please see their website

Referee Links

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