Coaches Handbook - Equipment

What is provided to coaches?


All coaches will be provided with a soccer bag, cones, and practice pinnies.

You will also receive enough practice balls to give out one to each player.
Players should be allowed to take them home and use them. They are theirs to keep.

Game balls will be provided to teams U-11 and up.

How do I get it?

Equipment is usually provided to coaches in July. The FSC Equipment Chair will hold an "Equipment Pickup Day". You, or someone from your team, should make every effort to pick up your equipment on this day. If you miss this day, you will need to make special arrangements with the Equipment chair to pick it up.

Do I have to return it?

The practice balls are for the players to keep. All other equipment must be returned.
This includes the soccer bag, cones, practice pinnies and game balls.