Coaches Handbook - Registration

Player Registration


All players must register online. Once they are registered, they are covered by WYS or FSC's insurance. Do not allow unregistered players to participate in practices or games. Part of the registration requires players and parents to read and acknowledge a concussion form.

Player passes will be printed for all players U10 and older. These 1.5" x 2" cards must have a picture of the player attached, be signed by the player, and laminated. You must present them to the referee on request.

Medical Release Forms

Medical release forms should be filled out by the parents and provided to the coach or team manager to have available at all practices and games.

Coach and Team Manager Registration

It is important that all team managers, coaches and assistant coaches register online. As part of the Risk Management process, background checks need to be done for all adults involved with the team. Do not allow any parents to work with the kids unless they are listed on your official roster.